Water Testing

Should I Have My Water Tested?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. It concerns your health and the health of your family, so you need to know some basic facts. 

In addition to illness, a variety of less serious problems such as taste, color, odor, and staining of clothes or fixtures are signs of possible water quality problems. Other things to think about include the nearness of your water well to septic systems and the composition of your home’s plumbing materials.

MMTS can help you decide whether or not to have your water tested, and if so, recommend the appropriate tests for your situation.

Public Water Systems

When you turn on the tap, where does the water come from? Make sure it meets the National Primary Drinking Water Standards. Your water company must notify you when contaminants are in the water they provide that may cause illness or other problems. 

Private Water Supplies

If your drinking water does not come from a public water system, or you get your drinking water from a household well, you alone are responsible for assuring that it is safe. For this reason, routine testing for a few of the most common contaminants is highly recommended. 

Even if you currently have a safe, pure water supply, regular testing can be valuable because it establishes a record of water quality. This record is helpful in solving any future problems and in obtaining compensation if someone damages your water supply. MMTS can help you determine when to test your private drinking water supply.

How Frequently Should I Test?

Test water every year for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels, especially if you have a new well, or have replaced or repaired pipes, pumps, or the well casing.

Things to consider:

  • Do you expect to have a new baby in the household? 
  • Do you have taste, odor, and staining issues?
  • Have you had a chemical or fuel spill or leak near your water supply? 
  • Is someone in your household pregnant or nursing an infant?
  • Are there unexplained illnesses in your family? 
  • Do you notice a change in water taste, odor, color, or clarity? 

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