Bacterial Testing

MMTS provides a wide variety of bacterial testing to determine if you are dealing with post Black water contamination.

Bacterial testing is often a high concern after a sewer water loss, as this may introduce high contaminated water to a home or structure. Analysis includes detection of Total Coliform, E.coli, Fecal Streptococcus and Streptococcus

Category 3 Water

Category 3 water is defined as grossly unsanitary water containing pathogenic agents, arising from sewage or other contaminated water sources, and having the likelihood of causing discomfort or sickness if consumed or exposed to humans. Black water includes sewage and other contaminated water sources entering or affecting the indoor environment.

Category 3 water includes, but is not necessarily limited to, all forms of flooding from:

  • Sewage/rainwater mixed
  • Rising water from rivers or streams

Such water sources carry silt and organic matter into structures and create black water conditions.

Category 2 water that is not removed promptly from the structure may be reclassified as category 3 water. Toilet back flows that originated beyond the toilet trap are considered black water contamination, regardless of visible content or color.  

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