About Us

MMTS is an independent testing company not affiliated with any consulting, laboratory, remediation or product companies. MMTS provides reliable analytical testing data that help consulting and engineering firms; government, property owners and managers make informed decisions about their environmental condition.

Having worked in the industry since 2002 and performing over 6,000 environmental inspections allows MMTS to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their client base. Through our standardized and opened testing procedures, MMTS is able to obtain accurate, reliable and objective sample results that clients can trust.

Also important to note that MMTS carries $1,000,000 General Liability and E & O insurance coverage.


MMTS uses only accredited microbiology laboratories to provide dependable results directly from the lab. This provides clarity and reliability.


We remain separated from the business of removing mold. This eliminates any conflicts of interest when we test.


Through our standardized and open testing procedures, MMTS is able to provide accurate, reliable and objective data that clients can trust.


Testing is one way to analyze a mold concern. The testing company you chose should specialize in testing not remediation, like MMTS.